Most Common Pests In Autumn

Autumn has arrived and with a new season come new pest control issues that you might endeavour during the time of the year. As the colder weather approaches and we spend more time indoors, the creepy crawlies from the outside want to come inside too.

So, what pests do you need to watch out for this autumn?


Yes, wasps will cling on for dear life this autumn, especially as we are experiencing warmer weather in the autumn months in recent years. Wasps will seek solace inside to avoid the unpredictable weather and as it starts to cool down. Lofts are the most likely target for wasps to head to as the weather gets colder, so make sure you keep an eye out for these pesky pests this season.


Spider season is upon us, and they have been entering homes sooner this season on the quest for a mate to hibernate with in the autumn/winter months. Spiders are one of the most common irrational fears for us humans, so if you’re looking for ways to keep the spiders at bay, there are plenty of tricks to avoid them taking over your home.

  • Spiders hate peppermint oil so you can add some to a solution of water and spray all over your home to keep them away.
  • Get cleaning, forget spring cleaning, autumn is one of the most important times to make sure your home is as clean as it possibly can be, this will help to avoid spider infestations


Rats need water, shelter and food, something that can be sparing on the outside during Autumn, which means they like to come inside. Rat infestations are most common at this time of year, so it is important to make sure your home and bins are secure to reduce the risk of attracting rodents to your home.


If you live in an area with a good population of squirrels, there is a risk that they can become a problem in your home during the Autumn months. Squirrels are looking for somewhere to store their food for the winter and your chimney or attic seems like a good place for them to do so.

If you encounter a pest control problem that you are struggling to get under control, whether you need our help or some advice on what to do next, Advantage Pest Control can help. 

Advantage Environmental Services are a local authority approved Birmingham based company with over 30 years experience in pest control covering a 100 mile radius from our base in Birmingham.

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