Watch Out For The Sugar Loving Wasps This Summer

It’s that time of year when wasps become a nuisance, and with the summer holidays in full swing, and sugary treats like ice cream growing in popularity on days out, wasps can become a problem.

Just like your children, wasps absolutely LOVE sugar and will do just about anything to get their fix, including attacking you. 

In the late summer, the queen stops producing young and the sweet treats at home dry up, but with the craving still strong the now-redundant workers start to cause trouble around our ice creams and fizzy drinks. When they find them, they fly back to the nest to tell all their friends, which leads  to us getting swarmed, pestered and stung.

So how can you avoid the pesky delinquents this summer, keeping yourself sting-free?

An eco-friendly solution with soap & water…

Making up a soap and water solution is a sure fire way to get rid of wasps. The solution can be put in a spray bottle and used accordingly. Wasps cannot breathe when they come into contact with the mixture and will almost instantly die. 

Seal your bin lids…

A really easy way to prevent swarms of wasps around your home, is sealing the bins outside your home. Rotting fruit in a fan favourite when it comes to wasps and if your bins are not correctly sealed you will incur a problem sooner rather than later with these stripey pests. 

Vinegar and peppermint oil…

Natural repellents are vinegar and peppermint oil, whilst not the most appetising thing to bring to your picnic, it can really help to avoid wasps looking for a snack and can diminish the issue easily. 

Colour matters…

Wearing yellow and white will only encourage wasps to join you on your days out and picnics, and there is a colour that wasps do not like that could encourage them to stay away from you and your family. 

Wasps cannot see the colour red, and as a result, are usually not excited by the idea of exploring what you will have to offer.  At home you can use red paper and red paint to deter wasps if you’re having a problem in your home or garden.

If you’re dealing with a serious problem with wasps in and around your home, or you have found a nest and not sure how to tackle it, contact Advantage Pest Control today for support and advice! 

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