Up To 120 Million Rats Will Invade British Homes This Winter

The temperature is dropping drastically in Britain as Autumn starts to show that Winter is creeping up on us. Whilst the temperatures drop, the common brown rat seeks a nest to escape the chill, and your home is looking really attractive to this much hated pest. 

Brown rats currently occupy a population twice the size of the human race, and will do just just about anything to get inside your home to build a nest and get out of the cold temperatures, which can be an absolute nightmare for homeowners. 

Rats will chew through anything it takes to get into your home and the current state of the British weather with heavy downpours has encouraged an increase of rats to come above ground.

So how can you keep the rats away from your home this winter?

  • Storing food away in sealed containers, and not leaving food out in sight for rats to be attracted to is a good place to start. Ensuring the house is hoovered regularly to avoid crumbs being left around that will also attract rats. 
  • Making sure your outside bins are sealed, and avoiding overflow, or bin bags left on the floor. Rats will make themselves comfortable around the outside of your home if they cannot find a way in, so ensuring your bins are secure will have them looking for another home to invade.
  • Rats will target garages, attics and cellars in particular, so making sure again, these areas are all secure and there is no available entrance for rats is an important task that could save you from an invasion. 

Pest control companies are likely to see a 40% rise in rat related call outs during the winter months, as the brown rat who reproduces a dozen babies, six times a year, will ruthlessly attempt to enter your home. 

Rats are also a risk for causing house fires, as they will chew through electrical cables to get themselves into your home and to make way for their nests. This is more reason to keep an eye on your cables and make sure they are carefully tucked away and out of sight. 

If you are struggling with a rat problem, or looking for some more advice on how to avoid rat infestations this winter, Advantage Pest Control can help, contact our expert team today! 

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