wasp's nest in roof

Do You Have a Wasps Nest?

A wasp’s nest is usually built in a sheltered area easily accessible to the outside. 

Some wasp’s nest in the ground or in the bushes and some in manmade structures. Unlike a bee, a wasp can sting multiple times and they instinctively attack when provoked if you come too close to their home.  Being stung by a wasp is a painful experience and life threatening for some people if allergic.

Planning and Safety for Disposing of a Wasp’s Nest

Making sure you are not allergic to wasp stings as a first step – Have an allergy test with your doctor before you go wasp hunting. Ensure you have the right protective clothing as well, even if you have no allergic reaction, a wasp sting is very painful, especially if you are stung by a horde of wasps.

Your eyes should also be well protected.

If you are making use of a pesticide spray be careful of the spray residue that is poisonous and can cause skin irritation and make you sick. It is also hazardous to pets and wildlife. Wash or discard the clothing you use immediately after dealing with your wasp nest.

Destroying a Wasp Nest in Your Roof

Wasps like to find access points in roof tiles and window seals. For the untrained individual this can be a difficult and dangerous scenario. A full protective wasp proof suit should be used as a whole pack of wasps could be nesting in your roof and they attack fast. 

Wasp killer powder or dust is one of the most affordable ways to get rid of a wasp. An Aerosol foam spray to cover the nest will give you enough time to retreat from the roof.

Never stand on a ladder to reach a high wasps’ nest.  You may have very little time to react if a swarm of wasps come straight for you and in the process there is a risk of falling off of your ladder and seriously injuring yourself.

We are specialists in pest control in the Birmingham area and can deal with your wasp’s nest quickly and safely. Contact us today for more information. 

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