Unwelcome spring pests - a house fly.

Spring in the UK – Unwelcome Spring Pests

We are welcoming spring here in the UK. Unfortunately it brings with it some unwelcome spring pests

We are all ready to welcome spring, but not the spring pests that come along with this new season. With all the new growth that spring brings, it is completely natural that all the new growth includes spring pests and insects.

While it is lovely to see new buds on the trees and tiny sprouts in our gardens of flowers, herbs, and plants, those pesky spring pests are part of mother nature and help the environment be all that it is.

The key is to know when these spring pests are about to become an infestation – Keep an eye on the new creatures popping up around your home and garden and monitor their population.

Here are some of the spring pests that you will start to see soon.


Flies are everywhere and can be difficult to control. All homes and businesses can have flies appear, especially as the weather becomes warmer. The best way to keep flies at bay is to keep you home and office clean and disinfect on a frequent basis.

Also be mindful of waste – Don’t leave any leftover food out because flies will lay their eggs on it which will hatch into maggots and cause more flies… Before you know it you have an infestation of flies. 


Another popular spring pest is the cockroach. With the warmer weather comes fun activities such as picnics and outdoor cooking. Any crumbs and pieces of food or drops from sweet beverages capture the attention of cockroaches.

Make sure to sweep outside patio areas where grills and table and chairs are set up. Keep your kitchen and dining room clean, wipe all counters and mop the floors to clear any sticky spots. Take out the trash frequently and put in sealed, covered containers.


Another unwelcome sprint pest to picnics or inside homes and offices are ants. They aren’t shy and are usually easy to spot. If you see an ant, there are usually more around. Try to note where they are seen most frequently and see if you can locate the source. There are ‘at-home’ methods of pest control which can be effective if the ants are caught early enough.

However, monitor such at-home methods daily. If left unattended, an infestation of ants can grow quickly and become out of control. 

Slugs and Snails

These small spring pests can look cute in your garden. Their slow crawls are almost hypnotising to watch. Yet, beware. They have come to feed on the new growth of your Spring plants and flowers. These are cute but hungry creatures and can quickly turn into a unwanted crowd, ruining the beautiful garden plants that have started to grow, as any gardener will know! 

If possible, try to encourage their natural predators such as birds, frogs, beetles, and other small animals to frequent your garden. Maybe a small bird feeder or a bird bath can help draw some of spring’s beautiful birds in to help naturally manage the slug and snail population. 

When to Call a Professional Pest Control Service

If you are wondering whether you have the beginnings of an infestation, you probably do!

Don’t take a chance because an infestation is much harder to deal with when it gets out of hand.

Call a professional pest control service. They can help you determine if these spring pests are becoming out of control. Better safe than sorry.

Use the contact box at the top left of this page if you are unsure or need help. 

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