Mice in the Attic?

mice in the attic

Do you have mice in the attic? 

Say NO to freeloaders! No to Mice in the Attic! And whatever else decides to play house in your space.  Mice are not the cute creatures you see on your television. They enjoy nibbling all sorts of things, from books, paper and plastic to your electrical cables and valuable items.

One mouse getting comfortable in your home can lead to a hoard of mice breeding in your attic. They breed extremely fast, at 50 days old a mouse can become fertile and produce a litter of mice of up to ten to twelve in just twenty days.

How to Tell if You Have Mice in the Attic

Noise- This is the first sign. Scratching in the middle of the night or little squeaks at times.

Droppings and Stench – Mice urine smells like ammonia and the droppings look like small pellets similar to small brown grain rice.

Footprints and Grease Marks – Dark smears of brown grease are evidence of mice when they brush up against an object. In the Attic it may be easy to notice footprints in the dust. This is another sign.

How to Eliminate Mice from your Attic and Home

Mouse traps can work if you have the best mouse bait, but it is no guarantee that you have handled all the mice in your attic and the process can take a long time, plus it’s not the most humane approach.

Professional removal is the best method. Professional pest control companies can locate nests to ensure removal after one attempt and have the knowhow and access to extra-strength traps. The plus side is they check the traps constantly and handle the clean up so you don’t have to get your hands dirty at all. 

Prevention of Mice in the Attic is better than Cure

Empty bins and dispose of trash efficiently. Consult a professional who can help you seal up holes in your foundation, roof and around piping.

If you suspect you have mice in your attic give us a call today for some friendly advice. 

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