Common Winter Pests In The UK

A common misconception about pests is that they only thrive in the warmer months, well we’re here to tell you that simply is not true. There are many pests that present themselves in the colder months, and it makes sense that pests would be more desperate to come inside as existing outside can become a challenge for common pests. In this post we are exploring the pests that can present problems in the winter months, and looking at how you can prevent their arrival. 


Due to a lack of natural sources of foods, you will find that you are more likely to incur a rat or mouse infestation during the winter months. There is a more heightened risk on business premises serving food but being vigilant in your home is important to. Don’t leave food out and make sure your bins are secure and not overflowing. Mice & Rats are opportunists and it is important to recognise where you could be leaving yourself vulnerable to their destruction. Rats don’t just eat food, they will chew through anything in their path for the sheer enjoyment, with teeth that are twice as strong as humans. Rats can cause serious issues in your homes from gnawing through wiring structures that could cost you electrical systems significantly to chewing through pipe that could have a detrimental effect to your plumbing systems.


They may look cute with their bushy tails and big eyes, but Squirrels can cause absolute havoc in your attics if you don’t ensure everything is tightly secured. In the winter, just like many other animals, squirrels hibernate, unless of course they have access to a nice warm cosy attic with excellent insulation where they can store their food. Obviously winter can get a little boring from squirrels so they will use your attic as their playground, destroying everything in their path. When dealing with squirrels there are many legalities involved in dealing with them. Due to the rise in numbers that continues to increase rapidly of the grey squirrel, it is actually illegal to release them into the wild, they most be humanely destroyed. However, if you have a red squirrel running around your attic you have an obligation to protect them as they are increasingly endangered, destroying their habitat is  a criminal offence, that can see you incurring a hefty fine at the very least. 


You won’t find many of these knocking around outside your home but if they can get inside your warm and cosy home they can become an increasing problem due to their love for warmth. They should be dealt with immediately because they are notorious for spreading bacteria and infectious diseases, they can become a real issue for business premises. 


Hornets are commonly forgotten about in the winter months as they are not interrupting your walk to work or general day to day life. Wasps, hornets and bees can cause havoc on in the summer months. However, there is a common misconception that they all die in the autumn, for bees, wasps and hornets exposed to cold areas this is true, they do reduce dramatically in numbers, hornet and wasp queens do not. Instead they hibernate in sheds and attics which means although they won’t present issues in the winter months, they will be ready to come back in full force as soon as Spring hits. As the weather starts to heat up the queen will lay eggs and inflict a whole brand new colony on to your home. It is important to detect these hibernating queens as soon as possible, by having regular clean ups in the attic and sheds. 

All of these pests can cause mild to severe infestation, if you’re finding that it is becoming out of control, advantage pest control can help. We offer many services to ensure you can go about life without pests further irritating or sabotaging your home or business. 

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