How Effective Are Cats When It Comes To Pest Control?

The modern cat is usually lazy and spoilt due to the popularity they have earned as pets. Doted on and adored, the modern cat may not seem like they contribute to the household at all as they sprawl out on the rug, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. Cats are extremely good hunters who are known for fishing out pests especially mice and rats.

But how reliable is your feline friend when it comes to frightening away or catching pests in and around the home?

Historically, have always been domesticated, dating back to 8000 years ago in Ancient Egypt, where, quite frankly, they were worshipped and adored maybe even more than they are today – but with good reason! 

Civilisation has always relied heavily on the growth of crops to feed the human race, and with crops come sheds and barns to keep them dry once harvested. However, with sheds and barns come pests, more specifically mice and rats, who would take great pleasure in hiding out in the warmth of shelter. Shelter that happens to be full of tasty crops for them to feast on – you can hardly blame them! 

These invasions by rat and mice were extremely detrimental to the villages surrounding who needed food to survive and thrive throughout civilisation. These invasions could get so bad, that a crop shortage often occurred resulting in at least year of famine for families. 

Something needed to change, when along came the cat. Cats, as aforementioned, are exceptional hunters, quickly learning where they could find their favourite pests. The Ancient Egyptians caught onto the wild cats penchant for hunting down and clearing up their pest problems, and began to accommodate their feline friends, and nurtured the predators. 

Suddenly their pest problems decreased massively, and the worshipping of the cat began, over the years of domestication cats have got smaller as they have evolved, but don’t be fooled they may have lost some height but most cats still love of hunting down rats and mice.

In the present day, you will find that not all cats possess their ancestors instincts and won’t be able to contribute to your pest problems. Due to selective breeding, it meant that for many generations cats have not needed to hunt and kill rats or mice, so many cats have lost the taste for it. Whilst cats have been evolving rats and mice have too, and due to their label of being pests, they have evolved and learnt overtime how to avoid cat confrontation, as well as being extremely fast in understanding the mannerisms of a predator, and recognising whether one will actually pounce. 

However, this is not the case for all cats, almost all wild and street cats still possess their primal instincts, due to their lack of domestication, they learn very quickly how to survive without somebody putting food in front of them. These ‘rough round the edges’ felines are the type of cat you will want in your home should you have a pest problem. Cats born in the wild can really contribute because they understand their independent need for survival. Not only is this a great way to solve rat or mice problems, it also takes a cat off the streets, by providing a home and security for it.

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