Spider Season Is Coming

If you’re petrified of spiders, the season is upon us where you might find yourself being confronted with the much feared creepy crawly more often in your home. Spider season has seen an increasing amount of spiders entering homes in the UK as the temperature is dropping ever so slightly, instead of a drastic drop in degrees, they are looking for mates to begin their autumn breeding rituals. Spider season doesn’t have to be scary thought and there are many ways you can prevent an unwanted home invasion from the eight legged freaks, we’re sharing our favourites with you.


Spiders are notoriously found in areas that are damp, dark and dusty, so keeping your house in top clean condition is essential for deterring the inhabitants of spiders. Regularly hoover corners of your home top and bottom, to make them less attractive to spiders looking to set up home. 


Spraying your window sills, corners and skirting boards with strong scents will deter your spiders from leaving their hiding places. Tea tree, cinnamon, peppermint and many other strong smelling scents repulse spiders and you are unlikely to encounter an infestation if you keep up the strong scents. 


Any gaps in your homes should be filled to stop giving spiders access to your home. Floorboards, unused fireplaces, plumbing holes, you name it, if there’s a hole a spider will fit into it. 


Cats are one of the greatest deterrents of spiders. If you have a cat you will know how excellent they are in eliminating your eight legged friends, in fact they see it as a bit of a sport.  


Decorating your home with hundreds of conkers will not make any difference to your spider season experience. This old myth is ineffective and has no qualities to stop spiders from being attracted to your home.


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