Ant Season Is Upon Us!

It’s that time of year again, where ants will look for any tiny crack in the wall or floor to enter your home and unleash chaos. If you suffer with an ant problem in your home every single year, you’re not alone, over 67% of households deal with ant issues during the warmer months of the year.

There is one main ant species that causes the most infestation issues in the United Kingdom, commonly known as the black garden ant. Although this is the species you are most likely to find in your home over the course of the year, it’s important to identify what kind of ants you are dealing with for best result in getting rid.

We recommend that if you identify anything other than a standard black garden ant in your home, you should contact a professional pest control team like ourselves at Advantage. We can give you guidance on what to do next and assist you in removing them safely from your home.

There are many methods and many products that you can purchase to get rid of the black garden ant as they make their way into your home on the look out for food. 

Most ants nest outdoors. To keep them from migrating indoors, a little preventative maintenance is necessary. If your home is prone to ant infestation, spray an insecticide formulated specifically for outdoor ant removal around the outside perimeter of your house and include to spray any wall air vents and around window and door frames.

Doing your research and finding the best possible course of action that will fit around your home and your lifestyle will help you to achieve control of the situation more thoroughly. There are so many different products from sprays to bait traps that offer non chemical or hard hitting solutions depending on the severity of your situation.

If you need some guidance, or your ant problem is becoming out of control. Do not hesitate to contact Advantage Pest Control so that we can help you to squash the problem as soon as possible and guide you based on your personal situation. 



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