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At Advantage pest Control we like to keep our customers informed about all the latest developments in pest control and our pest control services. In this section of the website we aim to add a series of articles that we hope will provide useful information and tips on dealing with the wide-range of pest problems we face on a day-to-day-basis through or work in and around Birmingham so please check back regularly!

Pest infestations can be a significant concern for homeowners and businesses alike. From rodents and insects to more elusive pests, the need for effective [..]
To prevent rats from entering your home through the drains, here are some effective measures you can take… Install Non-Return Valves  These valves, also [..]
Birds, with their melodic chirps and graceful flight, often bring a sense of natural beauty to our surroundings. However, when these feathered friends decide [..]
Garden decking is a popular feature in many homes across the UK, providing a pleasant area for relaxation and social gatherings. However, homeowners might [..]
The United Kingdom is home to a diverse range of bird species, many of which have adapted to urban environments. Some birds have even [..]
Discovering maggots in or around your home can be both unpleasant and concerning. These larvae, often the offspring of flies, thrive in decaying organic [..]
The discovery of bedbugs in your home can be an upsetting experience. These tiny, nocturnal pests feed on human blood, leaving itchy welts in [..]
Advantage Pest Control
Moth infestations can be a nuisance in homes and businesses, and while the occasional moth sighting may not be a cause for concern, a [..]
When it comes to keeping your home or business pest-free, hiring a professional pest control company is often the best solution. To ensure you [..]
Dealing with pests can be a frustrating challenge, and it’s no surprise that many homeowners turn to do-it-yourself (DIY) pest control methods to address [..]
Bedbugs are pesky little creatures that can quickly turn a peaceful night’s sleep into a nightmare. These tiny, nocturnal insects often emerge under the [..]
In the United Kingdom, wasp season typically begins in the summer months and lasts until early autumn. The precise timing can vary depending on [..]
As summer approaches, many of us eagerly plan our long-awaited holidays and trips, but we often overlook a tiny yet formidable foe: mosquitoes. These [..]
As the weather gets warmer in the UK, it is not just us who come out to enjoy the sunshine. Pests such as ants, [..]
Advantage Pest Control
Many people believe that fleas are only a danger to their pets as they do not live on human skin, however, this is not [..]

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