What Is Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs?

Heat treatment for bed bugs is one of the most common professional pest control method to get rid of severe cases of bed bugs. However, there are many misconceptions about heat treatment equipment, and the effects that equipment can have on your home, your business or the bed bugs themselves.

So, what is heat treatment for bed bugs? Bed bug heat treatment is a process that uses specialised equipment to create high temperatures to destroy all bugs and eggs in the affected areas. Heaters reach a very hot temperature, meaning furniture and other perishables must be removed from the house before the treatment to avoid damages.

Can Bed Bugs Survive Heat Treatment?

A bed bug infestation includes all the adults, the eggs and the nymphs, and although there are many methods to get rid of bed bugs, the effectiveness can vary. The two primary issues with bed bug treatment is bed bug hiding behaviours and chemical resistance, both these attributes make clearing a bed bug infestation extremely hard even for professional pest controllers.

Non chemical approaches are much more likely to kill bedbugs and also minimise the risk of damaging the health or the surroundings. Bedbugs can adapt to chemical treatments, so is very unlikely to kill out large infestations and can easily hide in furniture and other furnishing that haven’t been treated so it is important to find a treatment that is effective and eliminates the opportunity for bed bugs to do this.

The heat used in heat treatment is usually higher 49 degrees Celsius, which is the standard temperature used to kill bed bugs upon contact. Once the heat gets to a bed bug, the bug will turn over on its back and suffocate from the heat within a few seconds, for larger infestations it can take a few minutes. Heat Treatment can take a while to carry out dependant on the size of the infestation and how well you have been able to clear the inside of the building.

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