The Tiny Pests That Invade Your Home

Did you know there are many pests in your home that are so tiny that you may not even notice them with the naked eye? In fact there are many pests that dwell in our households that we don’t even realise are causing an issue. In this post we will be looking at the tiniest pests and how to reduce or even eliminate their existence from your home.


One of the most notorious tiny pests is the dust mite, and they exist in every single household. Disgustingly, dust mite feed off dead skin that is easily found in sofas, beds, cushions and other plush places. Whilst there is no way to completely eliminate dust mites, you can reduce their existence by carrying out a regular, and thorough clean of your home. Changing duvets, and washing cushions often will reduce their existence for example.


Fruit flies are a tiny pest that seem to multiply in mass within an extremely small amount of time. Fruit fly larvae only take 24 hours to hatch at most, and that is why they multiply at an incredible rate. You can eliminate fruit flies with extreme easy, keep an eye on the shelf life of your fruit, empty your bins regularly and store soft fruits in the refrigerator to stump the chances of flies being able to hatch their eggs all over your favourite fruit. 


Bedbugs are another notorious and tiny pest that can cause havoc, they can move quickly despite the fact that they cannot fly, don’t be fooled they are incredibly fast. Although famously named after one of their favourite spots, the bed, they can also be found in sofas, clothes, suitcases and much more, basically anywhere that they can get a good bite of you. 

Eliminating an infestation can be a lengthy process but worth not getting constantly bitten by the little pests. You can do many things to get rid of them. 

  • Clean bedding, linens, curtains, and clothing in hot water and dry them on the highest dryer setting. Place stuffed animals, shoes, and other items that can’t be washed in the dryer and run on high for 30 minutes.
  • Use a stiff brush to scrub mattress seams to remove bedbugs and their eggs before vacuuming.
  • Vacuum your bed and surrounding area frequently. After vacuuming, immediately place the vacuum cleaner bag in a plastic bag and place in garbage can outdoors.
  • Encase mattress and box springs with a tightly woven, zippered cover to keep bedbugs from entering or escaping. Bedbugs may live up to a year without feeding, so keep the cover on your mattress for at least a year to make sure all bugs in the mattress are dead.
  • Repair cracks in plaster and glue down peeling wallpaper to get rid of places bedbugs can hide.
  • Get rid of clutter around the bed..


Fleas can be incredibly irritating and difficult to get rid of in the home when an infestation breaks out. If you have pets, especially cats, you are very likely to experience the wrath of fleas in your household at one point or another, luckily there are many ways to eliminate them. Cleaning and vacuuming regularly will help to eliminate flea infestations, however you may find that using a professional service like Advantage Pest Control would be more beneficial in the long term as a professional pest control team can identify and offer expert services and advice. 

If you are concerned about tiny pests taking over your home, Advantage Pest Control can help you to identify and eliminate the situation quickly. 


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