The Pests Of Spring & How To Avoid Them

Spring has sprung, which means certain pests will be making their return to your home, garden and businesses. We are sharing some great ways to not only spot these pests but to avoid them all together with some top tips, so you can enjoy the warmer weather without the worry of infestations.


As the weather warms up and the flowers start to blossom, you can expect to see many more bees out and about pollenating. Queen Bees will often be flying about trying to find their first feed on wild flowers, but will usually die in the same day if they are unsuccessful. Bees are rarely a direct threat to us, and are more focused on their purpose than being irritating to others.

Although, rarely a threat, they can cause damage to your property and will sting you if you irritate them or upset their nests, so it is important to be conscious of your surroundings when bees come out to play.


One of the most feared pests of Spring and Summer is the wasp. In Spring, their Queen will set out to find a good place to nest, which can commonly be found in home lofts, gardens and business premises with derelict areas surrounding.

To avoid wasp nests being built near your home or business, you should keep outside bins closed and sealed, get rid of any standing water around your property, and should you experience wasp nests frequently, you may take preventive measures such as buying a fake nest. Wasps will not build their nests close to another.


One of the most annoying insects in spring and summer are the very common flies that start to swarm in the warmer months. They are constantly on the search for food and if they cannot find it outside, they are not shy at all about looking for it inside and staying there.

If you want to eliminate or even just reduce their presence in your home or business there are so many ways to do so, from fly sprays to netting that stops them from getting inside your windows and doors.


Another very common and annoying pest that thrive in the spring months, are ants, you won’t have seen much of them in the winter because contrary to belief, they do actually hibernate for the best part of the winter months. However, they are always back with vengeance in Spring and will make themselves right at home in your business or home.

Making sure you have even the tiniest holes in your home filled and keeping food sealed, with crumbs cleaned away will help to reduce the amount of ant invasions you will experience during the Spring months when ants are back to work and busier than ever.

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