Rise in rat infestations in the UK by 45%

People in the UK have been making a record number of pest control enquiries relating to rat infestations during lockdown, with the amount of search engine hits for rat related pest control going up by 75% since the beginning of April.

Usually summer and hot weather sees a reduction in pest control enquiries, but the level of assistance needed is 45% higher than the six year average. Experts believe the increase is due to the coronavirus pandemic and UK lockdown seeing much more people at home, which is allowing them to notice the tell tale signs they may have missed before.

However, it could be because our winter’s are getting warmer, which allows rats to breed in much larger numbers, that has seen this increase in summer infestations. Traditionally cold winters suspend the rats ability to breed safely, and they will usually hide away until the temperature rises but milder climates in recent winter seasons allow rats to multiply at rapid rate and larger litters to survive those colder times.

Further guidance and warning has been extended to commercial premises, who experts expect to see large numbers of rat infestations due to unoccupied buildings. These business premises would be heaven on earth as a breeding ground for rats, so making a thorough inspection is highly recommended to all business owners upon return in the coming weeks.

If you are having an issue with rat infestations, both domestic or business premises, Advantage Pest Control Services are here to help. We are experts in clearing up rat infestations specifically, and can assist with a full inspection or general guidance and advice to protect your home or business.

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