Rat Sightings On The Rise In Big Cities As Lockdown Continues

We have now been in lockdown for almost two months, with most businesses being closed for that duration too. Data released by BPCA has seen soaring rates of rat sightings and reports of rat infestations in major cities like London.

The first lockdown almost exactly a year ago saw a 51% increase in reports of rat sightings and infestations, but by the Autumn this had increased to 78% as the UK continued to apply restrictions and further lockdowns.

Recent reports show that there are a predicted 30 million more rats in the UK alone in 2020, compared to the recorded reports in 2019. Experts are saying that this in unlikely to be accurate due to increased visibility due to derelict streets and unoccupied buildings during the pandemic.

Rats will generally avoid human interaction, but this higher prediction of rat population is most probably to do with greater visibility as human interaction has dramatically decreased, and during the pandemic would have become more brazen as they notice empty buildings, particularly bars and restaurants.

Reduced rates of waste in city centres is another reason for heightened visibility, as rats are having to look elsewhere for their source of food. With pubs and restaurants closed, food waste is minimal in commercial areas, where rats will usually reside.

This rise in rat activity and visibility means good things for pest control businesses, who have luckily been busier during the pandemic unlike many other industries that have struggled throughout.

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