Pest Control During Lockdown

We are now in our third lockdown in the UK, and with many business and retail units being empty for a number of months already, due to tier restrictions not allowing them to open or the encouragement of home working throughout the pandemic, pest control has never been more essential and needed in communities all over the UK.

These empty shops, bars and restaurants are a haven for sheltering and harbouring pests, and the longer this goes on, the more pests find places to go during the winter months, finding opportunity in the empty buildings closed down because of the pandemic. Pest control has never been more essential when protecting these businesses whilst they are closed down, and we are seeing more and more pest control problems arise as the lockdowns continue to take hold in the UK.

Pest control specialists like Advantage Pest Control, are considered essential workers during lockdown, as our demand has increased in both commercial and domestic circumstances, due to pest control problems increasing. 70% of businesses will experience some level of pest control problems during the ‘normal’ working practices of their businesses, so you can imagine how exposed these businesses become when their business units are left unused for periods of time.

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Regular maintenance during lockdown is essential for ensuring you can protect your business from a pest infestation during lockdown and closures during the pandemic. If you do run across trouble, in a commercial setting, it is always worth contacting a pest control company, like Advantage, so that we can better assess the situation and guide you in preventing further infestations for your business specifically.

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