Pesky Pests and Why You Need to Get Rid of Them Now!


Did you know that those pesky rats, mice, birds, beetles, bugs and roaches are costing you and your business money?

You may ask how, so here’s a quick rundown of why you need to get rid of them today!

Pests Spread Germs & Disease

How much does sick leave cost your business annually? Rats, mice and birds, carry well over 60 different diseases and over 50 different types of bugs and mites. These can be transmitted to humans and in some cases, people have died from diseases caused by these pests.

Some of the better known diseases include salmonella, histoplasmosis, candidiasis, St Louis Encephalitus, cryptococcosis and West Nile virus – None of these are too be messed with and could seriously damage your bottom line, never mind someone’s life forever.


Many people are highly allergic to pests such as dust mites, bed bugs and wasps. In the case of wasps, some allergic reactions can be very severe and even require hospitalisation. If someone is stung, this can cause great discomfort to the person and ultimately effect their productivity.

Damage to Fabrics, Feed and Food Products

Rats, mice, carpet beetles, cockroaches and biscuit beetles are all known as culprits that can inflict serious damage to feed & food products and fabrics. And some of these are the most difficult to terminate.

As all these beasties crawl along, they also drag bacteria everywhere with them and diseases are easily transmitted. Entire bags of food and feed can therefore be destroyed by these culprits, as well as beautiful fabrics, most commonly destroyed by the aptly named carpet beetle.

Property Damage

Rats & birds are the worst culprits when it comes to property damage, usually caused by their acidic droppings defacing equipment, vehicles and properties as well as getting stuck in machinery, air ducts etc where they need to be rescued from or removed once they’ve died.

Beetles too can be responsible for eating through wood and soft furnishings.

So if you want to put a end to all these unnecessary costs, give us a call today and we can make your pesky pests go away!

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