How To Tackle An Ant Invasion In Your Home


Ants maybe tiny but they are very clever creatures that work mostly together, which means you will find quite a few more than a couple, more like a colony, should you encounter an ant invasion on your home. So how do you get rid of ants and stop them coming back?


Ants are a common issue in homes because in short – they enjoy the same food that we do. This is pretty much the main reason ants will invade your home because it is a HAVEN for small pieces of food being dropped or crumbs being scattered. If you have small children you are likely to experience ants as children drop food everywhere and effectively lure in the ants. Our mutual love for food sees ants performing pantry raids and will usually be found in the kitchen too. 


Fortunately, in the UK, our ant population is harmless compared to the more aggressive species in warmer climates. Colonies are relatively smaller in the UK preventing your ant infestation from destroying literally everything in their path. 


When facing an ant infestation there are two methods that will effectively eliminate the invasion. The first is by using commercial insecticides which contain heavy chemicals to kill them off. The second being natural remedies. 

An ant infestation can tempt you to try to tackle them all at once, but with ants, patience is key. The ants you can see running around are just the workers, until you eliminate the Queen you will not be able to destroy the entire colony. Spending some time watching the ants in your home, discovering their paths and working out where they are coming in from and further to that where they are going when they leave your home is imperative to the successful elimination of your infestation. 

A great natural remedy that is proven to be one of the most effective ways to attack your ant invasion is Boric Acid mixture. 

  • Mix boric acid and sugar in a ratio of 1:3, for example 1 tablespoon of boric acid for every three tablespoons of sugar.
  • Stir in water until the mixture turns into a syrup-like paste.
  • Place the mixture around the entrances to the nest.
  • Repeat until there are no more ants left.

This is incredibly toxic to children and pets, so please take care when leaving the Boric Acid mixture out.

If Boric Acid isn’t for you, there are so many commercial products out there that promise to wipe out your ant infestation and usually come in two different substances…

  • ANT GEL – The gel has a sweet smell and once taken back to the nest will kill any ant that consumes it. 
  • ANT POWDER – A really popular commercial product is ant powder, sprinkle it along the path your ants usually take, they will pick it up thinking it is food, take it back to the nest and kill any ant that consumes it. 


Ant invasions usually takes place in the summer months, when it’s warm and sweet smells are heightened by the warmth. Keeping on top of your housework and cleaning your floors regularly will keep ants at bay, and sealing holes or gaps in floorboards will make it harder for ants to enter your home.


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