How to stop moth infestations destroying your clothes

Spring is almost here and with the warmer weather comes an increase in moths, capable of ruining your clothes, curtains and much more! In this post we will be giving you our top tips on how to handle a potential moth infestation. 



The first step to dealing with a moth infestation is to clean out anything that has been targeted by the moths. This is essential as there is a huge chance that they will also lay their eggs on the tarnished clothing too. Clearing out your closet and any other areas where you may be storing fabrics could confirm your fears further of an infestation. Moths like dark places to hide and can often be found in the folds of clothes. 


After a thorough clean out of your closet it’s a good idea to clean all of your clothes thoroughly too. Moths feed off human sweat, dead skin and food particles. Ensure all your clothing is clean before you put them back in your clean closet. 


Check your clothes for moth holes and rearrange your closet often. Keep the room your clothes are in well ventilated and cool. You can use a few moth deterrents, Vogue recommends cedar wood hangers and natural diffusers, both carry smells that moths despise. 


If you find that there is no decline in your moth infestation from a closet and clothes clean, you may need to take extra measures to prevent moths from destroying your fabrics. Freezing your clothes is a great way to avoid moths tearing apart your garments as the technique of freezing instantly kills moth eggs and larvae. You will need to freeze your clothes for about 4 days at a time to ensure a merciless end to the eggs, larvae and pupae. Put your clothes in ziplock plastic freezer bags and when they are ready to come out of the freezer leave them inside the plastic bag until your clothes are room temp. For further peace of mind, ironing your clothes after a freeze will dislodge eggs and destroy larvae. 


If you have tried everything and are still experiencing issues with moths, it is time to call in the professionals. Advantage Pest Control are experts in pest control and can tackle even the biggest of infestations using minimal chemicals. There is no shame in having a serious pest issue and dealing with it efficiently is key to a timely extermination. 

If you are in Birmingham or surrounding areas and suffering with an infestation of any level, we would love to help you to resolve the situation and advise on the best course of action.


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