How to Protect Your House During Spider Season!


Autumn is spider season here in the UK.

From mid-September to mid-October, male spiders begin to look for a mate. With the temperatures starting to drop, spiders take their search inside of our homes.

The type of spiders that we see in our houses usually aren’t dangerous. They are usually quite harmless except that they are not pleasant to see scurrying by on an autumn morning while putting on the kettle.

Spiders are actually an important part of our ecosystem and do a tremendous job in our gardens. However, for most of us, spiders in our home are considered a pest.

Here are some tips to help protect your home from spiders:

Keep your house as clean and free of clutter as possible – Spiders like to hide in tiny cracks and crevices and weave a beautiful web in between books, vases, and other household objects and furniture that doesn’t move much. If only they could be as cute as those dust bunnies.

Vacuum regularly in places that you don’t normally reach – For example, behind furniture, under beds and on top of cupboards. Also check the corners of the ceilings and around picture frames and mirrors.

Limit their food source – This means keeping your indoor living space clear of any other crawling insects and dead flies. Check the outside of your home as well. Spiders like to prey on moths and other insects. Outdoor lights on your house attract moths and other bugs. Spider webs are common around outdoor light fixtures because they are smart creatures that know where their prey hang out.

Mind the gap – Check for gaps in door frames, window frames, pipework, walls, and anywhere else that could be an entryway into your home. Use a wood or glass caulk that will seal the gaps and is not made of anything that spiders or insects find attractive.

Don’t have shelter sites next to the house – Spiders and other insects like to take shelter in woodpiles, compost heaps, and garden bags. While it is convenient to have these things closer to your house, try not to have them too close, otherwise it will be like an open invitation where the spiders can find the easy access into your house.

Protecting your home during spider season is relatively easy if you follow these tips.

If you see a spider that looks more ominous than the regular house spider, or you are concerned about any insects within your home, feel free to contact us at Advantage Environmental Services in Smethwick, West Midlands, Tel: 0121 580 9229 or email We would be happy to help.

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