How To Keep Your Christmas Tree Pest Free This Festive Season

The festive season is a much loved time of year spent with family and friends, but if you opt for a REAL Christmas tree this year you could spending it with a bunch of pests too. Real fir christmas trees attract all the most common creepy crawlies, and can become an issue if you don’t take good care in ensuring you eliminate the opportunities for them to thrive. We have got some great tips for keeping your Christmas as pest free as possible.

Check over your tree, once, twice, thrice…

When you bring your tree home, the first thing you should do is check it for pests once, twice, thrice and more until you are 100 percent sure that there is nothing living on the tree.

Purchase some special sprays & repellents…

There are sprays and repellents available should you feel that your tree is either at risk of getting infested or you’re not sure if there are already insects taking shelter inside your tree. It is important to get as much information you can on these repellents and only use products specifically made for Christmas trees, as well as insuring these won’t be dangerous to use around your pets or children.

Regular maintenance over the Christmas holidays…

Making sure you are regularly maintaining your christmas tree, and ensuring that you are vacuuming fallen needles and debris from the tree, will decrease the chance of pests making your tree their home this Christmas.

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