How to get rid of rats without using poison

The population of rats in the UK is said to be around 10.5 million and continues to grow in our major cities. There is a good chance you have encountered a rat in your home, garden or workplace, and whether you’re bothered by them or not, rats can cause big problems if they are not dealt with. 

There are lots of different methods of getting rid of rats despite the most popular method for extermination being poison. Using rat poison is an extremely effective way to get rid of rats, usually consisting of almost instant results. Not only is it an almost instant resolution, rat poison is cheap and requires nothing more than putting it out for the rats to eat, no batteries to change and no traps to reset.

However, for some households and workplaces, this method can be potentially dangerous to the health and safety of pets and children, and  you will often have to repeatedly check the poison has been eaten and proceed to search everywhere for the dead rat, if your pet or a child doesn’t find it first. 

So, how can you get rid of rats without poison quickly and effectively?

Snap Traps

An old-fashioned and traditional way to get rid of rats is by using standard snap traps. Snap traps are often considered inhumane and frowned upon, but if a moral conscience is the last thing on your mind after a rat infestation then these devices are an extremely effective and easy way to get rid of rats. These traps do not require batteries, all they need is food bait to attract the rat and the rest is history. These traps if used inside the home are not suitable for homes with children and pets, for obvious reasons but if you are using these out of reach you could find yourself rat free in an extremely fast and affordable way. 

Electric Traps 

Electric traps are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people turn away from the dangers and inconveniences of using poison. When the rat touches the metal plate on the electric trap it will be electrocuted, their death will be quicker and less painful than the traditional snap-back traps. The trap will require some kind of food bait to lure the rat to the trap, peanut butter and dog food are popular choices. Most electric traps run on batteries so they can be placed anywhere indoors and out. 

Natural Rat Repellent

Rats don’t give up easily, however, using rat repellents could solve an ongoing and worsening rat problem. You can buy pouches that contain ingredients that repel rats via odour, taste and fear inducement. These ingredients usually include peppermint, tarragon, garlic and essential oils which rats hate the smell and taste of, or can be as extreme as using enemy animals and predator urine to get rid of rats through fear inducement. Rat repellent products are getting rave reviews and are becoming a preferred method due to them baring absolutely no danger to children and pets in the home.

Electronic Rat Repeller

Another repellent method that is becoming increasingly popular is that of the electronic variety. This is one of the safest ways to repel rats but is only effective for around 2-3 weeks as rats can get used to the sound, so you will have up to 3 weeks to evaluate your home, garden or workplace in order to make it rat resistant. This handy device lets out soundwaves that rats cannot stand and consequently they will run in the opposite direction as a result. 

So there you have it there is plenty of ways to make your home, garden or workplace rat free whilst maintaining a safe environment for everybody else. No matter what method you use, you must ensure that you tackle your rat problem as soon as possible, rats multiply quickly in large numbers and carry a number of diseases that can be spread easily, so nipping it in the bud fast is the key to effective results. 


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