How the Weather Affects Insect Problems

The warmer weather is finally here. Warmer weather means more bugs. Bugs play an important role in our personal gardens and the eco-system, however once the tipping point is reached when there are too many bugs or not enough, our surroundings are negatively impacted, especially when they begin to encroach on your home!

Water and Insects

Water is important to the insect population. Some species use water as a place to lay their eggs. Mosquitoes are the perfect example of this. If there is a lot of stagnant water, more mosquitoes will lay more eggs which results in a huge mosquito population. If water is limited, the mosquitoes will go else where to find it. Protect your home and your surroundings from a large mosquito population by removing areas of stagnant water.

Most insects do not use natural rainwater to hydrate themselves, they access their water from plants. When spring arrives, there is lots of new growth, so insects thrive in spring. Many insects are born in or on the leaves of blooming plants. If there is too much vegetation in a small area, insects can begin to over produce and cause problems.

Warmer Weather Can Bring New Insects

With global warming comes global bug populations. The green shield bug normally lives in warmer climates such as Australia, Africa, and the Mediterranean. However, a few years ago this insect began appearing in the UK because the climate began to be warm enough for it to survive. It is known for eating and destroying crops.

New Insects Can Bring Disease

There are some insects that can carry diseases. This becomes a serious matter when the warmer weather arrives and these particular insects begin to move and reproduce. The climate in the UK is already primed for mosquitoes that transmit the West Nile virus.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Be aware to not accidentally create an environment where insects can thrive. Leaving buckets of water near a garden or home can be a magnet for insects.

Leaving water bowls outside for dogs and filling birdbaths with water can also bring in insects.

Adding a bit of vinegar to a dogs water bowl can deter insects whilst still being safe for dogs.

Know When It’s Time to Call for Help

It is a good idea to have a consultation with a pest control service if you are in an area that is prime for insects. Homes and buildings can have pest problems that aren’t even visible.

 Ignorance is not bliss in this situation. An infestation of insects such as wasps or termites can cause serious harm to your health and home! A pest control service can provide peace of mind before a problem appears.

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