Homeowner New Years Resolution: Pest Proofing Your Home in 2020!

Getting ahead with your pest control precautions can end up saving you a lot of time, money and stress if you should be invaded by pests over the course of the year and the changing seasons. Most pests like rodents can travel considerably far in very little time, with the ability to climb and scale buildings, meaning that nobody is entirely safe from invasion. We have some top tips for pest proofing your home in 2020.

Make Sure Your Windows & Doors Are Sealed Correctly

Something that often gets over looked but is usually one of the most common entrances for pests, is windows and doors with small openings or gaps. You should go around every door and window in your home and ensure that they are all sealed properly. Correctly sealing your doors and windows will reduce the risk of pest invasions dramatically.

Maintain Your Back Garden

Especially in the colder months when you are not using the garden as much, it becomes very easy to neglect it consequently welcoming pests. Simply mowing the lawn and keeping the weeds in check will reduce the risk of pests making your back garden their new home.

Make Sure Your Bins are Sealed & Shut Properly

While it is great to imagine that you could perfectly pest proof your home, it is unlikely to make absolutely impossible for pests to get in. In order to make sure that these pests do not feel at home in your home, it is important that you eliminate their favourite things; food and water. If you are able to make sure that they do not have food and water or a place for them to hide, they will leave your house and go somewhere else where they can thrive.

Put food items in sealed containers after eating. This will help prevent spills which invite pests. If you do spill any foods or liquids, it is crucial that they are cleaned up right away with something as simple as a mixture of water and vinegar and a paper towel.

Keep Predators Close To Keep Pests Away

Attracting predators like birds into your garden with bird boxes and feeders is a great way to keep the pest count down in and around your home. The most natural pest control method would be to keep predators close to eliminate any potential threats. Cats are a great pest control investment as well as being cute and cuddly, they love chasing and catching rats or mice. Keeping a cat around who isn’t afraid to show some authority around the home and garden when it comes to pests would heavily reduce the risk of pests making their way inside.

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