Common Pests In Your Christmas Tree

Christmas is almost upon us, and should you opt for a real Christmas tree to give your home that authentic effect it is probably worth knowing that there may be more than just your ornaments and tinsel hanging around your tree this festive season. We’re exploring the different kinds of pests you can find lurking in your Christmas tree. 


A very common pest found in the home in general, however Spiders love Christmas trees especially due to the fact other insects lurk there. Fortunately, if you don’t mind the odd spider, they can actually be more useful than a burden, as they feed off the other insects on the tree.


Mites love Christmas trees and thanks to the colder weather, your home will be much warmer than usual, which is an absolute haven for mites to multiply at rapid speed. Although they are annoying, they won’t leave the tree and are no threat to you or your pets.


As their name firmly reveals, these beetles love bark and will cling to just about anything that has bark wrapped around it, including your Christmas tree. Unlike woodworm and wood lice, the bark beetle won’t be gnawing into your furniture any time soon, their penchant is humidity, something that your dry wood dining room chairs cannot provide. You are not likely to even notice them and if they make it to the end of the season, they will usually continue their life cycle outside too.


Aphids are probably the most likely insect that you will encounter on your tree this festive season. A general rule with Aphids is that if there is a plant around, they won’t be far from it. Most Aphids are so small that they will go completely unnoticed for the entirety of your Christmas, and remain reasonably inactive. Luckily those on your Christmas tree cannot survive anywhere else so they are extremely unlikely to become an issue elsewhere. 


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