BPCA fights for Pest Control professionals to be recognised as key workers.

The British Pest Control Association has been working hard to make pest control professionals recognised key workers during the global Coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the UK for over 6 weeks now.

After tireless efforts to get the government to overturn their decision to restrict the work that pest control companies can carry out to nothing at all, this week we have seen progress and now pest control professionals are essential workers in the UK.

This means that whilst obliged to follow government guidelines on working conditions and environments, pest control companies can now carry out their work as usual should they be happy to work during this difficult time.

George Eustice, otherwise known as the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affair, has agreed that the work carried out by pest control professionals is essential to the safety of the general public moving forward and will consequently assist with the fight against Coronavirus.

This will also mean that if necessary steps taken to lockdown the UK, that pest control companies will still be required to carry out their essential work and continue to protect the nation during one of the peak pest seasons in the country.

Ian Andrew, BPCA Chief Exec, said:

“We want to thank everyone that has taken the time to write to their MPs on the subject. It’s taken a substantial collaborative effort for our relatively small sector to get the ear of the UK government”.

If you are in need of essential pest control management in the Birmingham area, we would love to help at Advantage Pest Control. Please contact us for more advice and support on what we can offer and how we can assist you during this pandemic.

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