Birmingham City Council Pest Control Data

Birmingham Pest Control – Council Releases Figures for 2016

Birmingham City Council have released their pest control data for January – mid-November 2016 which gives some indication as to the scale of the problem – particular regarding rodent infestations – across the City.

During the above period, the Council received 635 calls regarding rats from residents within the B31 post code (Northfield & Longbridge) alone with 145 of the calls from residents regarding rats in their homes! 

Across the City, the B31 post code returned the highest number of reports of rats for the second year running.

Reports concerning wasps – including nests – also rose significantly from the figures for 2015 with over a 1000 more calls for help received during the the period January – mid-November 2016.

Pest Control in Birmingham is increasingly essential as there is a dramatic increase in wasps, rats, cockroaches etc in the City. As the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) point out, that based on Birmingham City Council call-out figures, Birmingham is the ‘rat capital’ of the UK and the trend doesn’t seem like being reverse anytime soon.

The BPCA further highlight the current economic environment regarding local authority services and argue that cuts in pest control funding are exacerbating the problem with many authorities severely cutting pest control activities or introducing significant charges for assistance offered. 

We would certainly recommend an ongoing prevention programme for dealing with such pests as rats – something we feel is essential in particular for retail premises where food products are handled and catering premises – and, in light of increasing local authority charges, this would certainly be the most cost-effective way to move forward with pest control as opposed to waiting for the problem to get ‘out of control‘ before taking action.

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