Are you attracting pests to your home without realising?

There are many reasons pests will become a problem for any household, and many people don’t realise how easy it is to attract a number of very common pests like rats and ants. As easy as these pest enter your home, it is not the case when you are trying to get rid of them, so eliminating their opportunities to move in is the best practice. So, where could you make improvements?

Rubbish Bins

The most obvious and the most common cause of pests finding their way to your home is through the rubbish bins. Household waste is extremely attractive to all pests big and small. Rubbish is a food source for many pests and for others, your bins become a great place to nest. There are plenty of ways you can stop your bins from being invaded though, a top tip would be to double bag your waste making it much harder for pests to get inside, and making sure you are keeping on top of the collections, and not allowing it to overflow into your garden or garage.

Pet Food

Pet food is a favourite amongst many pests including rats, so it is important to ensure your pet food is kept indoors and securely kept. It can be tempting in the summer months to keep some food available outside for your dogs and cats who will naturally be spending more time outside, but this is an open invitation for a neighbourhood of rats and more pests to come into your garden and eventually your home in search of more food.

Gaps & Cracks

Gaps and cracks in the exteriors of your home can create easy access for pests looking for a new home. Making sure your home is as sealed as possible is essential for avoiding pest invasions, regular inspection and maintenance of the exterior of your home will ensure that pests will have a harder time getting into your home.

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