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At Advantage pest Control we like to keep our customers informed about all the latest developments in pest control and our pest control services. In this section of the website we aim to add a series of articles that we hope will provide useful information and tips on dealing with the wide-range of pest problems we face on a day-to-day-basis through or work in and around Birmingham so please check back regularly!

Using toxic pest control methods are well known for being some of the most effective methods for serious pest control issues, however, as with [..]
Advantage Pest Control
Christmas is almost upon us, and should you opt for a real Christmas tree to give your home that authentic effect it is probably [..]
Advantage Pest Control
The modern cat is usually lazy and spoilt due to the popularity they have earned as pets. Doted on and adored, the modern cat [..]
Advantage Pest Control
A common misconception about pests is that they only thrive in the warmer months, well we’re here to tell you that simply is not [..]
Advantage Pest Control
If you’re petrified of spiders, the season is upon us where you might find yourself being confronted with the much feared creepy crawly more [..]
Advantage Pest Control
Pests can be a nuisance, irritating and cause all sorts of issues, however, very rarely are they deadly – in the UK at least. [..]
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The UK is experiencing a heatwave that hasn’t compared to any summer we’ve had since 1976, and with hot weather comes a plethora of [..]
Advantage Pest Control
If you’ve encountered more than a few flying ants already this summer, you’re not alone. The UK is seeing a surge in our flying [..]
Advantage Pest Control
Spring is in full swing, the climate is a lot warmer, and as a result mosquito’s make their way back into the UK. Although [..]
  Ants maybe tiny but they are very clever creatures that work mostly together, which means you will find quite a few more than [..]
Advantage Pest Control
Spring is almost here and with the warmer weather comes an increase in moths, capable of ruining your clothes, curtains and much more! In [..]
Advantage Pest Control
The population of rats in the UK is said to be around 10.5 million and continues to grow in our major cities. There is [..]
Birmingham Bin Strikes Lead to Increase In Pest Problems
The recent industrial action between Birmingham City Council and refuse workers has had considerable impact on the City’s pest populations. Whilst many residents have [..]
Birmingham City Council Pest Control Data
Birmingham City Council have released their pest control data for January – mid-November 2016 which gives some indication as to the scale of the [..]
get rid of bed bugs
Britain is currently experiencing the largest bedbug infestation since the 1980’s! Back in the days of Victorian Britain, having bedbugs was considered normal.  In [..]
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