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At Advantage pest Control we like to keep our customers informed about all the latest developments in pest control and our pest control services. In this section of the website we aim to add a series of articles that we hope will provide useful information and tips on dealing with the wide-range of pest problems we face on a day-to-day-basis through or work in and around Birmingham so please check back regularly!

Birmingham Bin Strikes Lead to Increase In Pest Problems
The recent industrial action between Birmingham City Council and refuse workers has had considerable impact on the City’s pest populations. Whilst many residents have [..]
Birmingham City Council Pest Control Data
Birmingham City Council have released their pest control data for January – mid-November 2016 which gives some indication as to the scale of the [..]
get rid of bed bugs
Britain is currently experiencing the largest bedbug infestation since the 1980’s! Back in the days of Victorian Britain, having bedbugs was considered normal.  In [..]
Unwelcome spring pests - a house fly.
We are welcoming spring here in the UK. Unfortunately it brings with it some unwelcome spring pests We are all ready to welcome spring, [..]
wasp's nest in roof
A wasp’s nest is usually built in a sheltered area easily accessible to the outside.  Some wasp’s nest in the ground or in the [..]
Do you have mice in the attic?  Say NO to freeloaders! No to Mice in the Attic! And whatever else decides to play house [..]
Looking at the birds outside in the cold winter months may prompt you to want to feed them. Doing so is a kind gesture, [..]
Are their mosquitoes in winter? Not really. Some adult mosquitoes survive the winter by taking up residence in hollow logs or burrow into other [..]
A Brief History of Humans and the Genus Rattus (True Rat) Rats are perfect carriers of certain pathogens, they are extremely dangerous in the [..]
Autumn is spider season here in the UK. From mid-September to mid-October, male spiders begin to look for a mate. With the temperatures starting [..]
Pests, as we call them, have always been around. But how did we manage these beasties and bugs in eras before and how has [..]
Did you know that those pesky rats, mice, birds, beetles, bugs and roaches are costing you and your business money? You may ask how, [..]
Advantage Pest Control
The warmer weather is finally here. Warmer weather means more bugs. Bugs play an important role in our personal gardens and the eco-system, however [..]
Advantage Pest Control
It’s summer! Time for picnics, BBQs, camping, road trips, gardening, lots of outdoor activities. However, summer is also the time when bugs and rodents [..]
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